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child of the de-industrialization of america, but i know the city more deeply than that. my husband and i were married in detroit. we lived and worked in detroit. our first home was in detroit. our oldest children were born in detroit. i have seen and lived and held its good and its bad, and there are lots of both. and you have no doubt heard lots about the bad, but you haven't heard, i'm sure of it the love story. there are lots of us who love detroit bruises and all, and today there's are signs of life green shoots rising up a phoenix rising from the ashes. joining me now from detroit is mark binelli, author of a terrific new book "detroit city is the place to be." mark, thank you so much for joining us inside "the war room." >> thanks so much for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. i thoroughly enjoyed for those of you who aren't so familiar with detroit, let me start with the obvious, how has the auto industry's come back played a role in the city's rebirth? >> that's where the book started. it was originally a story for the rolling stone, which i went back to c
rockets since thesis fire began, and in gaza city palestinians shut guns in the air, and meanwhile mosques across the region congratulated palestinians for their victory over israel. israel's prime minister benjamin netenyahu left the door open, saying i know there are citizens who are expecting more severe military action, and perhaps we will need to do so. joining us now is tim mak, defense reporter for political. he comes to us tonight from washington, d.c. tim thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, governor. >> jennifer: how important was it to regional stability that this deal was brokered by both the u.s. and egypt's muslim brotherhood. >> it's extremely important. the question is how durable this ceasefire will be. every day israelis living in the area around the gaza strip don't believe it's durable. tomorrow morning the schools in two of the towns within range, they are going to be close, and the reason is people aren't sure hamas will keep to its end of the bargain. >> jennifer: obviously those rockets out of the gaza today are some indication
palestinians and that brings the death toll in gaza to 137. and there was even more violence in gaza city where masked hamas gunmen fatally shot six people suspected of giving information to israel and then they tied one of the bodies to a motorcycle and dragged it through the streets. now, on the other side of the border israeli defense forces reported that 30 rockets were fired into their airspace, the israeli airspace from gaza but most of those rockets were then destroyed by israel's iron dome security shield that we talked about here last night. five israelis have been killed in the conflict so far. and while israel still hasn't sent ground troops into gaza, get this. 16,000 soldiers are now standing ready at the border of gaza which, of course, makes tomorrow's negotiations all the more critical. so joining me now for prospective on the conflict is hussein ibish a senior fellow at the american task force on palestine. he's coming to us via skype from pompton plains, new jersey. hussein, welcome back inside "the war roo
fellow coming to us tonight from new york city. eric, welcome back inside the the war room. >> thanks for having me. >> eric, fox news just, they are at christmas time the gift that keeps on giving. do they -- what kind of currency do they get out of the war on christmas? who's that resonating with at this point? >> yeah, it seems to have diminishing returns. bill o'reilly really started this almost a decade ago. back then, they could actually find 10 or 15 news clippings from the united states. they didn't have to go to scandinavian catalog where there was debate about the role of government and christmas displays and were public schools going to be putting on religious pageants and things like that. most of that controversy has evaporated. every year, they have fewer and fewer actual news clip to say rally around, but they're determined. look, this is part of the war culture that they have, you know democrats liberals are secularists, trying to drive religion out of the american life. we don't know what religion obama is, christian muslim. as you pointed out with your examples there
own one? you have to put your seat belt on. we're in the middle of a city and if you were in a regular car, you would be hearing the engine hum. in this car you don't hear anything. it sounds like the car is off. it's so quiet! and luxurious. now some people find that disturbing. so the auto companies have now taken to offering you the option -- they're exploring putting this on a number of different electric vehicles where you can pick your sound. so if you wanted to have a sound of a revving engine with real torque, you could opt to put that on your very quiet car. why you would, i don't know. but some people like the sound of power. this car goes about 36, 37 sometimes 40 miles on a charge. it is a battery picture that says i have 35 miles -- 34 miles to go before i'm out. so once i'm done with using all of the electric charge, it then flips over to be a regular gasoline engine. i don't have to worry about what is known as range anxiety, being afraid i'm going to run out of electricity and not be able to
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)